• Get your team on the next level

  • Your team's look is everything

Get your team on the next level

Your team's look is everything


Final Boss was created by veterans of the esports industry. For two years, under Hitpoint, we changed the face of esports merchandising by designing, producing and distributing esports merchandise for the biggest teams across the globe. 

We are bringing our expertise and know-how to esports fans looking to bring their teams, communities and events to the next level.

G2 ESPORTS (2015-2017)

OPTIC GAMING (2015-2017)

ASTRALIS (2016-2017)

Get your team on the next level - Esports merchandise for all


Working with designers that brought you jerseys from teams such as G2 Esports, OpTic Gaming, Astralis, compLexity, H2K, OG and many more. We know how to make you look good.


Producing the best looking esports jerseys isn't only about design, it's also about knowing what's best to be the best. Our factories work with the best quality breathable fabric, anti-moisture and light polyester.


Delivering on time is our promise. We don't only strive to deliver on the quality of our designs, products but we ensure that what we create is delivered to your doorstep right on time.